USD to INR Forecast

current rate for USD to INR is 74.79 Rupees per 1 US Dollar. check below for more details about usd to inr forecast.

Expeted USD to INR forecasts for 2021 four quarters — 72.99, 73.50, 74, 75.79

Dollar to Rupee forecast August 2021: Exchange rate will be 74.21 Rupees minimum rate will be 70.72 Rupees and

USD to INR Forecast for 2021

MonthOpening rateClosing rateMinimum rateMaximum rate
Jan- 202172.3072.4372.3072.43
Feb- 202172.3672.5272.3472.57
Mar- 202173.5173.8873.8673.50
Apr- 202173.8573.1673.7873.16
May- 202173.1673.7973.1673.80
Jun- 202174.8174.5474.8574.54
Jul- 202174.5274.2674.26174.48
Aug- 202174.2874.6974.2874.68
Sep- 202174.7074.5574.5074.78
Oct- 202174.5574.6574.5174.70
Nov- 202175.6875.2475.6875.31
Dec- 202175.2875.1775.1575.33

USD to INR Forecast for 2022

MonthOpening rateClosing rateMinimum rateMaximum rate
Jan- 202275.0974.8074.8275.10
Feb- 202274.8775.0374.7975.03
Mar- 202275.1074.3974.3675.15
Apr- 202274.2574.6074.3074.61
May- 202274.7075.3674.6875.36
Jun- 202275.3876.0175.4276.01
Jul- 202276.0675.8375.7476.07
Aug- 202275.7877.2375.7677.27
Sep- 202277.2777.1577.0977.30
Oct- 202277.0777.2077.0977.23
Nov- 202277.2977.8977.2877.88
Dec- 202277.8377.6577.6577.85

How are Rupee-Dollar Rates Determined

The determination of one currency against another is based on its demand. When there is a high demand, it helps that currency has more value. Taking this into account, if the demand for dollars in India is higher, its value will decrease resulting in an increase in the value of the Indian currency because it will have to be converted into dollars.

Beyond this, there are other factors that influence the determination of the value of a currency: macroeconomic variables, government intervention, public finances, ideologies, geopolitics, international exchange and even the cultural and educational level can affect the supply and demand of the currency of a country.

Another way to measure the value of a currency is based on its “purchasing power” that is the purchasing power of certain monetary units compared at different times.

The purchasing power of the currency is an inverse relationship to the general level of prices, since to the extent that it increases, more monetary units will be needed to buy the same amount of goods or services.

When a currency is depreciated or devalued it loses value with respect to other currencies as well as buying power for citizens.

On the other hand, seeing the price of the dollar in a space greater than a single day, should be taken into account that the behavior of its price is a clear reflection of the current situation of the economy.

In this aspect, conditions such as the productivity of the country, unemployment and in general the behavior of the economy in its different sectors must be taken into account, this will mark a tendency of the needs of the country as to whether to devalue or revalue its currency.

The entry of foreign capital is another factor that has clear implications in the determination of dollar prices.